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alice cooper – levity ball live at the cheetah



a great piece of 1960’s era Alice Cooper.  A freeform jam completes this recording from the Cheetah nightclub in NYC

The Out-There of Peter Ivers and His Subsequent Bludgeoning

It’s always been my contention that almost any interesting looking record that can be had for a dollar or less should be brought home and given at least one spin. I say this after spending several hundred dollars in this fashion, but also say it as an educated guesser. The record I write about today stuck out to me for a few reasons.

First off, it was what seemed to be a well-played radio station copy. One assumes that a radio station wouldn’t have played a really crappy record that much. Also, based on the other radio-marked records at the Salvation Army that once owed my copy of Peter Ivers’ Peter Peter Ivers (sic), I guessed that this record had some 70’s jazz leaning. Of course, this should be a warning to tread carefully; it’s pretty easy to fall into crummy fusion territory. This record, however, was produced by Gary “Dreamweaver” Wright, who’s Moog-heavy record I happened to like quite a bit (shut up.) All in all, probably worth the risk, right? Better on a record than an ephemeral candy bar. So, let’s see what we have here:

I’m Sorry, Alice

Ok, what the fuck do we have here? It’s funky, it’s got some decent harp playing, but it sounds like Gary Wilson’s twerpy younger brother! And most of the record was like this! What else did this guy do?

Wait, what? Really?

And that’s not all:

Peter eventually went on to be the weirdo host of New Wave Theatre until 1983, when he was mysteriously beaten to death with a hammer in his apartment.

All this discovery for a mere $.50.

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Da Grimston & Mist-E – “pentagram sam”

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