environmental audio project – demonstrations

Harp completed, with 9 strings of 4 different gauges. It sort of told me what to do after a while and it is very much a prototype heh. So, now I need is wind! Here’s audio of me strumming the strings, just to give you an idea of the harmonics and quality. i need to work on the placement of contact mics

This audio is something i made after recording the piano with the contact mics. This is heavily altered, but I am happy that recordings can be used with little repair.

And this is made with recordings of the shruti box and bulbultarang from contact mics, and then slowed a little. I had no intention of making anything when I made the recordings, but it was an encouraging experiment.  The audio was used without any repair, just basic mixing

found in back yard

woodrill in april


lilydale november 2016

autumn captured



banning cooke water woods

wolsfeld variations

all yer troubles wita tanka september 2016

the wood rill

oheyawahi with mom, yard, summer

wilkie unit

southwestern minnesota may 2016