pine bends bluff and around

backyard microspection


a test of a stereo-wired mono alnico pickup, high carbon steel music wire, amp with distortion effect

a test of a mono-mono ceramic pickup direct record and bridge harmonics

badlands – spring 2017

environmental audio project – demonstrations

Harp completed, with 9 strings of 4 different gauges. It sort of told me what to do after a while and it is very much a prototype heh. So, now I need is wind! Here’s audio of me strumming the strings, just to give you an idea of the harmonics and quality. i need to work on the placement of contact mics

This audio is something i made after recording the piano with the contact mics. This is heavily altered, but I am happy that recordings can be used with little repair.

And this is made with recordings of the shruti box and bulbultarang from contact mics, and then slowed a little. I had no intention of making anything when I made the recordings, but it was an encouraging experiment.  The audio was used without any repair, just basic mixing