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Da Grimston & Mist-E – “pentagram sam”

thanks to Mason

A Stray Peter Post

It appears the internet, the Greatest Satan of them all, has defeated the humble Peters Brothers. While you can find a few good sources of information around these days, no one seems to have heard from them since at least 2006. Perhaps the anti-Christian imagery in rock just became too much to keep up with.

This tape dates from 1990 and is not actually a true Peters Bros. joint. Steve is accompanied by his vapid wife Julie, the Rexella to his Jack Van Impe, if you will. Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t blessed with the golden Van Impe pipes and comes off sound like even more bumbling John Astin. Go ahead, just keep looking at this picture while you listen to Steve talk about Kreeps In Service of Satan:

[mp3j track=”http://www.belowthewaste.org/guiltyfeet/Mar/rock.mp3″]

Steve gets some great shots in at the Big Name Rock Groups of Today. Girl George? Pretty clever! And, like Rexella, we get to hear Julie make shitty album tracks by Bon Jovi and others sound much more interesting with her empty, soulless delivery of dumbass lyrics.

Probably the most entertaining part of this tape is hearing just how disinterested and jaded these kids are by this presentation.

Furtive Labors presents Alec Essefic’s Death Clouds

We are proud to offer you new content from Alec Essefic and Furtive Labors. These talismans provide powerful protection from most forms of malignant out-world interlopers, nefarious glue-sniffing acid casualties, and blacked-out heavy metal sodomites.

death clouds

Sarcofago – Satanic Lust

from their first record in 1987 INRI