Tape Acquisitions May 11 2013

Found at Cheapo, St Paul Saturday

In the Nursery – Sense (Third Mind 1992)
Baby Ford – BFORD9 (Sire 1992)
Borghesia – Escorts and Models (PIAS USA 1988)
– Resistance (PIAS USA 1989)
Cybotron – Clear (Fantasy Inc 1990)
Hex – Vast Halos (RycoDisc 1990)
Prince (AFKA) – Chaos and Disorder (Warner Bros 1996)
Curve – Cuckoo (Anxious Records 1993)
World of Skin (Michael Gira, sealed) – Ten Songs for Another World (Young God 1991)
Mad Cobra – Hard to Wet, Easy to Dry (Sony 1992)
H.W.A/ Hoez With Attitude – Az Much Ass Azz U Want (Ruthless 1994)
Julee Cruise – Floating into the Night (2nd copy) (Warner Bros 1989)
SSQ – Playback (w/ bonus tracks) (EMI 1983)
D.A.F – s/t (comp w/ remixes) (Virgin 1988)
Pizzicato Five – Happy End of the World by… (Matador 1997)
va – Tonal Evidence (Mute promo 1991)
va- Aural Opiates (Virgin 1993)

for Jess
Morrissey – Kill Uncle
Erasure – Wonderland
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

Singika – Pagsikat Ng Bagong Araw (Phillipines 1995 cassette)

The Philippines is one part of the world that I know very little about. This tape appears to be folk music from the Cuyo archipelago of the Palawan province. The songs are vocal instrumental and most feature guitar (or something similar. There are also other instruments used as well as male/ female vocals solo or in a group. I cannot recall that I have ever heard any music from the Philippines and this tape makes me want to seek out more. There are a couple of tunes that really strike me in their simplicity and rawness. The only other cultural evidence I have in my collections from this part of the world is a series of recent collections of first-person accounts of ghost stories (in English and transliterated Tagalog, as far as I can tell) culled from the internet. There’s no obvious connection between the two but I mention it only to spur myself on to find out more. Please to enjoy this beautiful and unexpected tape.

Singika – Pagsikat Ng Bagong Araw (Phillipines 1995 cassette)
[mp3j track =”Singika – Pagsikat Ng Bagong Araw tape@ http://belowthewaste.org/sound/taperips/Singika%20-%20Pagsikat%20Ng%20Bagong%20Araw%20(Philippines%201995%20cassette).mp3″]

gamelan cassette

A rip of a tape of Gamelan music I found at the Cheapo in uptown. The cassette section has the tapes all stored in long shallow cardboard boxes. It seems like who ever had the idea to organize them in this fashion ran out of steam eventually and the last vertical rows were name-/ genre-less. There were treasures galore and I’ll be posting some more soon. For now, please enjoy about an hour-long tape rip of some that most beautiful and haunting music:
S Ciptosuwarso ‎– Aneka Asmaradana (1990 Indonesia cassette)
[mp3j track=”S. Ciptosuwarso – Aneka Asmaradana 1990 – Indonesia cassette@http://belowthewaste.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/S-Ciptosuwarso-%E2%80%8E%E2%80%93-Aneka-Asmaradana-1990-Indonesia-cassette.mp3″]

middle of april (10,12) scores – hpb, cheapo

April 09 2012
HPB – Crystal

Malcom Mclaren – Fans (1984, Island US) [2nd copy]
Vangelis – Direct (1988, Arista US)
Dazzling Thunderstorm (1993, Metacom US) [thunderstorm sounds with live and electronic woodwind improv]
Walter Carlos/ Benjamin Folkman – Switched on Bach (1968?, Columbia Masterworks US) [not finding any more recent reissues on cassette, but I don’t think this is quite that old]
Black Sabbath – Paranoid (1971, WB US) [first cassette edition on Ampex media in clamshell with paper sticker label]
Yes – Fragile (1971, Atlantic US)

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