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The Lung-Large Intestine Talks (found audio)

Whilst digging through my huge assortment of unidentified cassette tapes I discovered a tape with home-recorded conversations on either side. The first side sees a mundane (yet weirdly compelling) discussion on all sorts of chit-chat-type topics. The most interesting thing about it is the woman who seems to be the guest of the recordist. She babbles on and on about any number of inane things, there are hints of madness that make for interesting listening. The second side (the side posted here) contains a talk that revolves largely around the human body’s meridians which are known as conduits for chi or life-force in Chinese medicine. I don’t know what the expertise of either participant is, but the conversation veers from banal to poetic to bizarre with great fluidity. Thought perhaps someone might want to listen and so here it is for your enjoyment. Playback from Sony TCM400DV cassette recorder, slightly slowed down, to digital recorder with lo-cut filter.