Tape Acquisitions May 11 2013

Found at Cheapo, St Paul Saturday

In the Nursery – Sense (Third Mind 1992)
Baby Ford – BFORD9 (Sire 1992)
Borghesia – Escorts and Models (PIAS USA 1988)
– Resistance (PIAS USA 1989)
Cybotron – Clear (Fantasy Inc 1990)
Hex – Vast Halos (RycoDisc 1990)
Prince (AFKA) – Chaos and Disorder (Warner Bros 1996)
Curve – Cuckoo (Anxious Records 1993)
World of Skin (Michael Gira, sealed) – Ten Songs for Another World (Young God 1991)
Mad Cobra – Hard to Wet, Easy to Dry (Sony 1992)
H.W.A/ Hoez With Attitude – Az Much Ass Azz U Want (Ruthless 1994)
Julee Cruise – Floating into the Night (2nd copy) (Warner Bros 1989)
SSQ – Playback (w/ bonus tracks) (EMI 1983)
D.A.F – s/t (comp w/ remixes) (Virgin 1988)
Pizzicato Five – Happy End of the World by… (Matador 1997)
va – Tonal Evidence (Mute promo 1991)
va- Aural Opiates (Virgin 1993)

for Jess
Morrissey – Kill Uncle
Erasure – Wonderland
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams

Ballad of Jacob Wetterling

Virg + the Eldorados – Ballad of Jacob Wetterling (tape rip)

fat boys forever


My version of a new age alien xenophile cassette tape in honour of mars rover success

encounter vers c2
[mp3j track=”http://belowthewaste.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/encounter-vers-c2.mp3″]

DgenVision 2x

[mp3j track=”DgenVision – turn your love inside-out@http://belowthewaste.org/sound/works/DgenVision%20-%20turn%20your%20love%20inside-out.mp3″ ]

[mp3j track=”DgenVision – has ben (version)@http://belowthewaste.org/sound/works/DgenVision%20-%20has%20ben%20(version).mp3″]