memos from oblivion

memos from oblivion

we are proud to present the latest from the Furtive Labors archives here at BtW.  behold! the legendary subterranean screed from the late high-as-a-kite hellmonger, Fiada Fey, MEMOS from OBLIVION

Da Grimston & Mist-E – “pentagram sam”

thanks to Mason

Furtive Labors presents Alec Essefic’s Death Clouds

We are proud to offer you new content from Alec Essefic and Furtive Labors. These talismans provide powerful protection from most forms of malignant out-world interlopers, nefarious glue-sniffing acid casualties, and blacked-out heavy metal sodomites.

death clouds

Sarcofago – Satanic Lust

from their first record in 1987 INRI

“At the Threshold of Hell” by Fiada Fey